Finding a Home in Social Distancing

It’s been a while since I posted an update here. In the time since then, I have been trying, with varying degrees of success, to settle down and get things sorted. Today is not an entirely arbitrary day to post as it also coincides with me finally checking out of my 2.5 month stint with Airbnb!

Unsurprisingly, covid-19 was behind my extra month crammed in a tiny apartment. House viewings here aren’t too dissimilar to London – by which I mean you have to act very quickly to secure somewhere. My last flat in Borough, London was settled with a trip to the pub with the landlord to sign the contract immediately after the viewing. In Basel I just had to fill out a form for them by the next day. One of the benefits of being by myself was not having to convince someone else it was the right move. The shock instead came when I was asked to pay a 2.5 month deposit + 1 month rent within a few days!

As I write this up, my clothes are still in piles on the floor. I’m still sleeping on a sofa. I’m still working through a backlog of Netflix shows. But I’m more comfortable this time (over 3x the space I’ve grown used to the last couple of months) and just have to sit back and wait for IKEA to bring me my new furniture. Once I have dragged it up to the fourth floor and spent next weekend putting things together I should be settled.

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