Touchdown and Lockdown

One week ago I made my descent into Basel and checked into my temporary apartment. I managed to spend an afternoon doing some grocery shopping, the Sunday doing site-seeing, then Monday morning registering myself to the canton. A few hours after, an already unreal feeling of now living abroad entered the realms of surreal when Switzerland announced new guidelines and entered a 5 week lockdown. Thanks coronavirus.

The days I was able to spend outside were lovely. The temperature peaked at 20 degrees (a nice change from the frosty mornings in Norfolk!), everyone I spoke to was cheery and jolly despite social distancing being in force, and there was a nice mixture of purity and cleanliness without the usual price of living in the middle of nowhere.

I managed to sort out my residency permit (even with a hiccup when someone in immigration decided I should be born in January instead of May) and have thus spent most off my time in self isolation, with heading to the grocery shop being my only requirement to go outside. In 10 days I start my new job but even this is not certain right now. Hopefully things will become more clear and more interesting in the next few days but until then I’m constrained to learning German through Netflix and working my way through War and Peace.

7 days down, 28 to go!

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